The fees at Cranleigh School from 1 September 2018 are as follows:

Boarding (Forms 3 to 6) £24,255 annually
Day (Forms 3 to 6) £20,085 annually
Day (Forms 1 and 2) £15,480 annually

A discount of fees is available for the third (20%) and subsequent (30%) siblings attending either the Senior or Preparatory School at any one time. For details contact the Director of Finance.

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Certain additional charges stem from the wide variety of activities and facilities available at Cranleigh. In principle, any service or item acquired by a pupil for personal use is charged to parents. These include purchases from the School Shop, other items of clothing and equipment, materials individually requested or those used in products retained by pupils, medical and dental charges, optional trips/tours/holidays of a sporting, musical, cultural or recreational nature as well as miscellaneous items such as taxis, telephone charges and items of stationery.


The School is aware of its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 in relation to charging for reasonable adjustments. The School will consult carefully with parents about any adjustments that are required for the pupil to determine the level of support that can reasonably be made. The School reserves the right to charge any additional provision outside of this as an extra.


  • Learning Support (individual) and EAL: £27.00 per lesson (35 minutes).
  • Optional revision guides and subject based magazines.
  • Trips, including residential trips, field trips, exchanges, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, theatre trips etc.
  • External Exam Fees.
  • Lost/unreturned textbooks and library books.


  • Some activities and sports may incur an additional charge if appropriate.
  • Riding, livery and other standing charges are available on application to the Stables Manager. Other variable expenses such as those for Veterinary, Farrier and Tack are charged at cost.

Creative Performing Arts

  • Termly dance group lessons: £72
  • Termly LAMDA group lessons: £72
    (Paired Lessons £125)


  • Day pupil’s temporary boarding: £47.50 per night
  • Day pupil’s part-time boarding: £38 per night for two or more consecutive nights (paid in advance)
  • Outings/trips
  • Special dinners (e.g. musical, sporting)
  • Culpable damages
  • Photographs
  • Fees Insurance (optional)


Termly Instrument Lessons:

  Standard Lessons (30mins) Extended Lesson (45mins) Double Lesson (60mins)
Michaelmas (12 lessons) £243 £364.50 £486
Lent (9 lessons) £182.25 £273.38 £364.50
Summer (6 lessons) £121.50 £182.25 £243
  • Theory per lessons (30mins): £20.25
  • Termly School Instrument Hire: £45
  • Instrument repairs
  • Sheet music provided for individual use
  • Practical and Theory Examinations (set by the board – details from the Director of Music)


For all new pupils whose parents have a UK bank account, payment of School fees is by termly direct debit, in advance. Please note that a separate direct debit mandate must be completed. For all fees not settled by direct debit (save those paid under the Advanced Fees Scheme) all fees and charges must be paid before the first day of term by bank transfer. Please note that the School cannot accept payment of fees in cash due to insurance constraints. Overdue accounts are subject to interest being charged as per the parental contract. If the fees for any pupil remain unpaid at the end of the term in which they are due the School reserves the right not to permit the pupil to return to the School. The Bursar may also terminate schooling during any particular term if there is a consistent record of late payment. This will not terminate the liability of the parent or guardian for payment of outstanding or future fees.


The fees and charges shown are those presently in force. The Governing Body reserves the right to review them at their discretion at any time whether before or after a pupil’s admission. As much written notice as possible of alteration will be given.

Music Scholarships

20130621-_DSC3071A range of Music Awards are offered to talented musicians following a successful individual audition. Pupils can enter the school at any age, subject to a place being available, but there are significant musical entry points at 11+ and 13+, when children naturally finish at one school and consider their onward journey. Keen and capable musicians are warmly welcomed at all stages. Please contact music@cranleigh.org if you would like to make a preliminary visit or discuss the possibilities available for a potential music scholarship candidate.

Scholarship auditions take place at the end of January.

Guidance notes for Music Awards 2017-2018
2018 13+ Music Scholarship application Form
2019 11+ Music Scholarship application Form
Preparing for your Music Award audition


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