We are proud that Cranleigh is an eminent international brand renowned for educational excellence. Through our schools – both at home in the UK and across the globe – we endeavour to build a global community of engaged young people with the ability to enact positive change in the world.


Cranleigh International is the term ascribed to Cranleigh’s portfolio of schools located in other countries around the world. Our UK based Cranleigh International office oversees quality assurance, brand consistency and executive governance participation in each school, as well as stimulating vital inter-school linkages at all levels of operation. Cranleigh International is accountable to the UK School’s Governing Body and makes use of our commercial arm, Cranleigh Education Services Limited.

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The core aim of Cranleigh Activities is to build strong and effective links with our local community and to generate income through low-impact use of our facilities. We recognise our unique position in the local area and wish to extend the positive impact we make to our community wherever possible.

Cranleigh Activities is an integral part of the School with its principle aims being to open Cranleigh up and establish strong, effective and manageable links with the local community and to generate income through low-impact use of the School’s facilities when not in use by pupils.

Cranleigh recognises that it has a large role to play as part of the wider community in the village and beyond and wishes to extend the Schools’ input into the local community where possible.

Cranleigh’s policy for external revenue-raising through the use of its facilities is to concentrate on booking sporting and low-impact events and activities.

Cranleigh Activities is a brand name of Cranleigh Enterprises. The net profit earned by Cranleigh Enterprises Limited is donated annually to Cranleigh School under Gift Aid.

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Old Cranleighan Society

As members of the Old Cranleighan Society our alumni benefit from the wide variety of services on offer.

We produce an annual publication, The Old Cranleighan, which highlights the activities of the OC Society, its clubs and societies, and of individual Old Cranleighans, as well as keeping members in touch with life at the School. We also send a regular email newsletter, Contact, and have various social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Old Cranleighan Society Network offers all Old Cranleighans advice and mentoring throughout university, into graduate recruitment and career development right through to potential career change in later life.

The Old Cranleighan office at the School helps coordinate more than a dozen reunions every year. These range from a golf day at the School to a reunion for the most recent leavers centred around the Gower Club match on Bluetts to an outing for OCs who were in the armed forces to a dinner for OCs living in Australia. We host an annual dinner or drinks event most years, while Vickie Ingle, the full-time OC manager, is also available to help individual OCs run more targeted events, including decade reunions every year at the School on Speech Day.

We operate a full-time sports club based at Thames Ditton where we field three rugby and 15 hockey sides. We also have teams for cricket, golf, tennis, shooting and netball. We encourage groups with similar interests to link up and this has resulted in a variety of societies that bring together like-minded OCs. These are not only enjoyable social occasions but also aim to help younger OCs who are starting out in their careers. At present these societies cover off the City, law, shipping, media, surveyors and adventurers, and we are always looking to expand the range of societies offered.

Finally, we work closely with the School to help ensure that tickets for plays and concerts are available to OCs, as well as supporting the Foundation.

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Cranleigh Network

The Cranleigh Network is a Careers for Life programme developed in 2015 in partnership with the School and the Old Cranleighan Society. The Network was developed to help former pupils with practical support and resources throughout their careers, from school to university, into employment and through career change.

An area in which the OCS is particularly well positioned to help is in offering mentoring to those starting out in their chosen career. Using its always increasing network we can align experienced professionals with young OC undergraduates so that the former can offer advice and insight into their chosen career.

In 2020 the Cranleigh Network is expanding to reach a wider group of our local and global communities.  We have set up a separate portal.   Parents of those who have been through the school, as well as former pupils, parents and staff of our overseas schools, can join and benefit from professional connections.  Old Cranleighans can link to this extended Network from their existing site.

Other functions of the Network, under the banner of Cranleigh Futures, include running CV workshops, seminars on interview techniques, university speed-dating (where recent OCs come back and share their university experience and offer advice) and careers fairs, where students get a chance to find out about a number of different potential careers from those who already have experience.

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Cranleigh Friends

We bring our entire community together through Cranleigh Friends, our network of parents, students and staff, past and present. By supporting teams on matchdays or watching the annual production, Cranleigh Friends help our students to thrive. In addition, the group organises fun events such as balls and dinners, coffee mornings and brunches; ensuring our community spirit is strong.

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