Portrait Photo of Tom Stroud

Head of Computing

Digital learning coordinator

Mr Tom Stroud is Head of Computing. He has thoroughly enjoyed working at Cranleigh Prep for more than 12 years and has held a variety of teaching positions across a wide range of academic subjects including; Maths, English, Science & Humanities. In his current role he oversees the development and expansion of digital skills across the entire school for both staff and pupils. He is also a member of a dedicated team, including external digital consultants, to create an evolving and ‘future-skills ready’ curriculum for both the Cranleigh Prep and Cranleigh Senior School community.

Since a very young age Mr Stroud has always been deeply interested in all things Sci-Fi; be it films, books or graphic novels. In our current technological era, he is blown away by the continued advancements in hardware and software that society uses every day, especially how many of these have developed from science-fiction to science-fact! He thoroughly enjoys teaching Computing, as pupils are always fascinated in developing lessons where they are given opportunities for both problem-solving and freedom to create with technology.

Email Mr T StroudPGCE, QTS, BSc (Hons), RCE
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