Charity means a great deal to the entire community of Cranleigh Prep and there is a very strong, pupil-led approach to fundraising events.

At the start of every academic year, pupils from Upper, Middle and Lower School each take part in a democratic vote to select a charity they want to support throughout the year. The pupils choose from a range of international, national and local charities.

The Form 6 Charity Leadership Team is at the heart of all charity events. In addition to supporting these events, in the Summer term they also help to coordinate and plan the Whole School Charity Day, which involves every class taking part in a fundraising event for their chosen charity.

Our pupils raise money in a variety of ways, including: colour runs, cake sales, hobby horse races, sponsored walks, sponsored quizzes, Christmas stalls, slime sales, coin trails, wreath making, Christmas jumpers, Easter egg tombolas and mufti days.

However, it is important for our pupils to understand that charity is not just about giving money. As a school, we involve ourselves in charitable activities where we promote the intent of helping others, which is equally important. Every year we take part in the Romanian Christmas Shoe Box Appeal and the Chance for Nepal Toothbrush Appeal.