Although we cater for both day and boarding pupils, we maintain a strong boarding ethos which supports every one of our pupils throughout their journey to independence. 

Boarding is an extension of family life in a vibrant and secure home away from home. A gentle start to boarding in this cosy environment can often be easier than boarding for the first time later on, when school life is busier.

We welcome boarders of all ages and many will go on to flexi or weekly board as they move up the school. Pupils, particularly those arriving at 11+, are advised to build up to weekly boarding in their final two years if they are planning to board at their senior school at 13+.

Boarders benefit both socially and academically from the safety net that the nurturing boarding environment provides. Our supervised prep times in the evenings, plus Boarders’ Academic Workshops, help our pupils to learn the essential skill of taking responsibility for their own work, ensuring they are prepared for their lessons, tests and exams.

The boarding staff offer a high level of pastoral care and emotional support, while encouraging the children to be independent, to have respect for others and to enjoy being part of a team. Friendships develop across all age groups in a thriving family atmosphere where children grow into confident, resilient and well-rounded individuals.