Although Cranleigh Prep School caters for both day and boarding pupils, we maintain a strong boarding ethos which supports every one of our pupils throughout their journey to independence.

Boarding is an extension of family in a vibrant home away from home. A gentle start to boarding in the cosy surroundings that we provide can often be easier than boarding for the first time later on. Boarders can benefit both socially and academically from our nurturing boarding environment, as well as begin to develop resilience and decision-making skills.

The boarding staff offer a high level of pastoral care and emotional support, while encouraging the children to be independent, to have respect for others and to enjoy being part of a team.

The boarding accommodation for both boys and girls is situated in School House, the main school building.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral team is made up of truly committed individuals with masses of experience and bags of energy.  Boarding is overseen by Mr Batchelor (Head of Boarding) and he is supported by Miss Jolly (Deputy Head of Boarding) Mrs Batchelor, Mrs Schutte and a team of matrons, one of whom is on duty every evening.  In addition, other staff members are involved in the programme of boarders’ evening activities.

The children’s health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us and we make every effort to ensure that they feel both confident and secure in their surroundings. Some of the ways we aim to achieve this include:

  • All boarders are informed of how to contact the house parents/residential staff after lights out, in case of emergency or illness.
  • Dormitories are for the exclusive use of boarders.  We expect dormitories to be kept clean and tidy; every boarder looks after his/her own bed and possessions and respects other’s property.
  • Boys are never allowed to enter the girls’ sleeping and wash areas and vice versa.
  • Boarders are required to maintain good levels of personal hygiene.  Boarders have their own toilets and washing facilities, with private cubicles.  All boarders have access to a bath.  Boarders shower every evening, and are expected to brush their teeth properly twice a day.  Each child’s hair and nails is checked regularly, and headlice checks are carried out by the Matrons.
  • There are regular fire drills, including night time drills, to familiarize the boarders with essential routines.

For further information about anything to do with boarding please contact Mr Toby Batchelor, Head of Boarding