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Learning to cook properly is a skill that everyone, no matter what age, can use all the way through their life. It is equally important to learn and understand how different foods affect the body and what a healthy diet and lifestyle should look like.

The Food Technology room is a super new, light and airy facility that boasts ten fully equipped kitchen units.

Mrs Sharpe teaches Forms 3 to 6. An introduction to safety, use of equipment and hygiene in the classroom and nutrition is introduced to these year groups. Form 3 then tackle simple recipes and gradually build and develop vital culinary skills.

Form 4 has a focus on sugar in food, convenience food comparisons with freshly prepared ingredients. Form 5 learns about the fermentation process whilst making bread and pasta amongst other recipes.

Form 6 focus is foods from around various countries around the world, and their ingredients. Much encouragement is given to the children to take ownership of their food choices and knowledge from the classroom to mealtimes in school and at home.

Information about the origins of ingredients, culture and traditions of foods from around the world is introduced throughout the courses that the children take.

Practical cookery lessons, health and nutrition culminate in the Masterchef competition taken in Form 6. We hope that by the time the children leave CPS they can not only independently rustle up wholesome, exciting meals, but they also understand and enjoy how to create a healthy, balanced diet.

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