Children are naturally excited by Science, if it enables them to explain the world around them and to understand the exciting new discoveries. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to build curiosity and enthusiasm for all three areas: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Emphasis on the relevance of science to everyday life is a very important part of the learning process, and with specialist science teachers and a lab technician we’re well resourced to provide exciting, practical and interactive lessons. 

At all ages pupils undertake hands-on investigative work that allows them to develop the techniques and skills necessary to form and test hypotheses and draw their own conclusions. Regular lively class discussions are important for developing the pupils’ abilities to articulate what they have learned, their methods and discoveries.

It is vital to have personal engagement and enthusiasm for Science and we foster this by involving pupils in Quiz Club Science competitions, SATRO STEM competitions, National Science Week and our themed Curriculum Collapse Day, which is held in the Summer term. Topical excursions and visiting speakers encourage our students to develop more in-depth understanding of their topics in real life contexts. In the same vein, collaboration between the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) is critical to enabling students to apply their scientific understanding. 

Head of Science, Mrs Tamsin Groocock

Science, Mrs Tamsin Groocock