We aim to emphasise the delight and beauty of the subject and, to remove the dread sometimes associated with it. We also wish to ensure that all pupils are able to use the skills they develop in a wide variety of contexts, as well as understanding what the learning of Mathematics can do for their mental development.

In the Lower School, pupils are taught by their form tutors. There is a great emphasis on developing basic maths skills, such as times tables and remembering basic addition and subtraction facts, which benefits the children’s mental arithmetic agility. We encourage the use of correct mathematical language from an early age so that children are able to reason and justify using the correct terminology.

In Forms 3 and 4, pupils are taught by Maths specialists and are arranged into sets. Pupils begin to explore the links between fraction, decimal and percentage and learn how to apply their understanding of calculating with integers to fractions and decimals. In Forms 5 and 6 pupils continue to develop their understanding of number, algebra, shape, space and measure and data handling and learn to apply these to a problem in a variety of different contexts.

Mrs Helen Brice, Head of Maths

Mathematics, Mrs Helen Brice