English is fundamental in securing success across the curriculum and reading, writing, speaking and listening are essential life skills. English aims to teach literacy, but in addition we seek to impart the skills that enable pupils to think for themselves and to express their feelings and ideas effectively. We also strive to teach an appreciation of how others think, feel and express their thoughts.

Vitally, the study of English allows us to study the stories of past, present and future, fantasy and reality, myth and legend, tales of different cultures and traditions and in many forms and styles, which help us learn more about ourselves, about other people and about the world in which we live. Almost every class at Cranleigh Prep has an English lesson every day.

We believe that reading is intrinsic to all academic success and we encourage the children to read as often as they can. Pupils are supported by a well-stocked library and a full-time librarian. We have an annual Patron of Reading, a children’s author who visits the school on multiple occasions throughout the year, and we also hold an annual World Book Day celebration and a popular House Spelling Bee.

Head of English, Mr Ed Shires

English, Mr Ed Shires