Art is highly valued and we believe that the development of creativity as well as visual awareness is an essential part of growing up.

Whilst developing their ability to observe, investigate, respond and record the world around them, children are encouraged to use a variety of forms and media whilst being taught a range of techniques and use of tools as appropriate to each stage of development and individual needs.

All pupils take Art lessons for one double lesson a week. A wide variety of creative techniques and media all form part of the carefully structured syllabus. These include fine art, sketching, charcoal work, ink painting, acrylic and watercolour painting, etching, lino printing, collage, mosaic, batik, together with a range of clay work, constructing sculptures from recycled objects, wire and papier mâché.

There are active and vibrant Art Clubs for all ages and the Art Room is always open for keen artists and scholarship candidates.

Art, Mr Rob Perry