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  • 24 March 2023


Form 5 have done it again with their annual musical production. This year, Dr Seuss’ most loved characters cavorted and collided in…

Form 5 have done it again with their annual musical production. This year, Dr Seuss’ most loved characters cavorted and collided in an unforgettably colourful caper.The familiar and fantastical characters transported us from the Jungle of Nool, to the Circus McGurkus, to the invisible world of the Whos.

The musical is narrated by The Cat in the Hat (Joshua F) alongside Horton the Elephant (Joshua G) and our little boy, Jojo, who has a huge imagination and “too many thinks” (Jake L). Together, they tell the story of Horton’s double challenge: first of all, to save the tiny Whos from destruction, lead by Mr. and Mrs. Mayor (Hafiz A/Raffi P and Meggie P/Zoe SH)  and secondly,  to protect an egg, abandoned by the free-spirited – and quite irresponsible – Mayzie La Bird (Alexandra O/Eve M). Along the way, he befriends the wonderful Getrude McFuzz (Chloe G/Sophie F) who never loses faith in him.

But Horton’s quest is not without its trials and tribulations. Horton is ridiculed and attacked by many:  he is hunted in the jungle; sold to the circus; believed to be mad for thinking tiny people live on a clover flower and finally, put under civil arrest by Sour Kangaroo (Tallulah B/Maddie C) and her sidekick, Young Kangaroo (Holly P/Florence AF) along with the Wickershams. In a tense finale, Horton has to make himself and the Whos heard in the court of the formidable Judge Yertle the Turtle (Oliver R). But, all turns out well in the end and Horton succeeds in his quest to rescue the Whos and protect the egg, because, “a persons a person no matter how small”. Serenaded along the way by the sassy Bird Girls, they all show that the powers of loyalty, friendship and family reign triumphant.

The success of any show relies on the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew, and this year the actors took on the challenge of creating what was effectively two shows, with the understudies given the chance to shine in Friday’s performance and setting the bar high for the principals. Huge thanks to the Performing Arts Department, led by Director Phil Waller and Musical Director Ruth Williams, both of whom have worked tirelessly rehearsing the songs and setting each scene.

Choreography was imagined by our dance teachers Kath Harman and Kimberley Vowles whilst teachers Lita Everett and Liz Turner, supported by Verity Sandford in make-up, collaborated once again to make sure the actors looked the part. The wonderful stage design and creation was overseen by Lisa Waller and Pippa Charlesworth, who somehow managed to recreate the chaotic madness of Dr Seuss’ imagination. Thanks also to Head of Art, Rob Perry for designing the colourful artwork for posters and programme, and finally, to the lighting and sound engineers and stage crew, Peter Humphries, George Royall, Ben Dixon and Alex Tolley, aided by Jude Marriott and Pip Davies backstage, who helped the children to shine.

Watch the highlights below:


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