Yesterday afternoon CPS hosted a friendly gala against Highfield School who are one of the main IAPS competitors that we will face at the finals later this year.

With 90 swimmers and 30 spectators all packed tightly in an extremely humid poolside arena everyone was feeling the heat and anticipation.

The programme of events started hard and fast with U11 – U13 IM’s followed swiftly by all the freestyle races. The 33 events flew by and many personal best times were smashed.

The Highfield team definitely put the team through their paces with spectacularly close finishes to the final touch. On the last event Highfield and CPS A team’s only had an 8 points difference however when accruing the final scores for A & B teams Highfield won overall on the day.

A special mention must be made to Maddie M, Flo G, Hattie K, Levi L, Max B, Isla Rose A for their individual event wins, not forgetting and thanking Zac J for stepping in at short notice to bolster up the U13’s relay team.

 Highfield – 181 v  CPS – 250 the lowest score wins.

 Well done team you put on a good fight – feel proud!