Well done to all the Form 6 Actors and Tech team for their energy and efforts this term for Conflictus. The films were devised by Mr Waller from a selection of four short films, “Lord of the Flies”, “Journey’s End”, “Noughts and Crosses” and “Romeo Juliet” to show conflict.

Lord of the Flies was an all-female cast, which was not what Golding intended, Journey’s End balanced this by entertaining an all-male cast. It worked well in both contexts. These films were shot outside as the summer in September and October started to fade. There were some fabulous performances, and the tech team, were eagerly learning their craft, whether learning how to frame when filming, learning boom mic techniques, or learning what an Assistant Director needed to say and do on set by requesting silence, and ensuring the cameras were rolling an the sound was right.

Noughts and Crosses had various settings inside and out, making it hard to find quiet times round a busy school. Romeo and Juliet met with challenges with a testing script, though several worked very hard to overcome Shakespeare’s original language .

With the very tight rehearsal and filming times, the actors and crew did a great job. The Media Club, under Mr Jewell-Smith’s keen eye, will be editing next term, with a launch in March 2023.

Well done again to the whole company for the hard work.

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