On Friday the CPS community congregated in the Quad with swimmers, googles, hats and colourful tops all in hand for the 2022 Annual House Swimming Competition, before going over to the swimming pool.

House swim captains and their tutors nervously huddled together in a last-minute attempt to finalise the correct “racing demon” to fit the missing gaps in their programme of events.

This year the competition was split into two consecutive events and as the captains dealt out their “top trump aqua racers” the atmosphere was building to become a thrilling afternoon.

Forms, 4, 5 & 6 opened the first meet with individual 25 and 50 metre races and after the first nine events Diamonds led the way with Clubs and Spades chasing hard behind. Then into the relays where double points were rewarded 1st and 2nd places to Clubs and Spades so that both houses quickly made up precious points.

The results show how close to the wire this event was.

1st – Clubs with 78 points.

2nd – Spades with 68 points

Joint 3rd – Diamond & Hearts with 52 points

The second gala involved Forms 1, 2 & 3 with many of the Lowers School children only just achieving their 25m swimming recommendations.  Everyone was completely consumed with the wave of excitement however Hearts clearly led the charge from the beginning with Clubs, Diamond and Spades trailing in their wake.

1st – Hearts with 84 points

2nd – Clubs with 61 points

3rd – Spades with 58 points

4th – Diamond with 56 points

Final Overall Scores.

It was one of the closest swim competitions seen in years with only a 3 points difference.

1st – Clubs with 139 points

2nd – Hearts with 136 points

3rd – Spades with 126 points

4th – Diamonds with 108 points

Congratulations to Clubs and well done to all everyone who participated to make it a truly entertaining day.