The well-established link between Cranleigh Prep and Loxwood Joust Medieval Festival saw Form 4 once again welcome Sir Nicholas and Lady Lucy to school.

Henry L acted as squire to Sir Nicholas: the pupils were astonished when it took half an hour to fully prepare the knight for battle! They were then enthralled by a full explanation of medieval weaponry and how they were used on the battlefield. Mr Batchelor was promoted to a knight and asked to take a full swing at Sir Nicholas’s chest plate and dented it in the process!

To everyone’s delight, pupils were also allowed to handle the armour and weapons and appreciate just what strength it must have taken to wield these weapons in real combat.

During History lessons, Form 4 pupils have been learning about medieval knights, chivalry and the language of Blazen, which they used to design banners reflecting their own personal values and characteristics. The banners were presented to the knights of Loxwood and will be displayed at the Loxwood Joust Medieval Festival, held on the first two weekends in August.