We jumped out of the mini bus, clutching our packed lunches and tingling with excitement. The weather was beautiful and the pitches at Reigate Cricket Club were dry; we had arrived at the Surrey Starburst cricket finals!

Our first match was against Cumnor House in which some marvellous catches took place – some by me, plus a few other girls which helped us to victory.

The next match against Croydon High was extremely close; we only won due to Manon’s spectacular bowling in the final over.

Then we had lunch in the sun, although Matilda had eaten most of hers by 11am!

During the next round, we played Holy Cross Prep, by whom we were narrowly beaten.

The last team we faced was Broomwood Hall, they won by just a few runs but some great boundaries were scored by our team.

When all the matches were finished, the Surrey Cricket team presented us with our bronze medals – we had come third in the final! What a wonderful day! 

By Florence AF, Form 4