At morning break, Form 5 hosted a cake sale in support of the Upper School charity “Elizabeth’s Children”.  Thank you to all who donated amazing cakes and bakes, the children had a wonderful time choosing their sugary treats!

“The charity started because of an amazing lady called Elizabeth, who looked after vulnerable, orphaned and abused children in the Zwelethemba township, outside of Cape Town, South Africa. She did this for 20 years and used her pension as well as meagre donations. Very sadly Elizabeth died suddenly in July 2012, but we are continuing to support the children she cared for. A separate charity, called Sinetemba, has been formed in South Africa. We support them by giving them grants through our fundraising efforts here in the UK.

They care for and feed up to 200 children. For almost all these children the meal they provide is the only food they will have all day. When the children are in danger at home, they are able to escape to a room of safety at Elizabeth’s house. This happens usually over weekends when parents are often drunk and may become violent.

All Elizabeth’s children either attend the local crèche or school. Apart from providing much needed food and clothing, they also run after school activities, which include arts and crafts, music and reading. If a child becomes unwell, they pay for transport to hospital and for medical attention.”