With a welcome return to live performances and a full auditorium, Cranleigh Prep School’s Creative Arts’ team wowed audiences with their production of the musical Matilda, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book of the same name. Involving every pupil in Form 5, the cast of 72 pupils brought to life this tale of Matilda (Hannah-May F), a little girl who dares to challenge her ferocious head mistress, Miss Trunchbull (William H). With the help of her teacher, Miss Honey (Hettie S), she and her classmates from Crunchem Hall rebel against Miss Trunchbull’s sadistic teaching methods and choose to change their destinies.

This adapted version of the West End show was every bit the spectacle it promised to be. The Wyatt Hall was transformed into a playground of whizzing scooters, a library, a retro 80’s inspired living room, and even housed a torture chamber, aka the ‘Chokey’, where pupils might find themselves trapped if they misbehaved.

The production was a real team effort, with music and drama lessons devoted to learning the song and dance routines over the past term. Thanks, must go to Miss Vowles for the incredible choreography; never before have CPS pupils been more ‘revolting’. The principal roles were pitch perfect under the guidance of Head of Music, Mrs Williams, highlights including Matilda’s delightfully cheeky ‘Naughty’, Miss Honey’s heart-felt ‘This Little Girl’, and Miss Trunchbull’s cabaret-style ‘Smell of Rebellion’. The ensemble cast and Little Kids added their support for rousing numbers such as ‘School Song’ and ‘When I Grow Up’.

The cast also looked fantastic, with Miss Trunchbull’s threatening figure even sending members of the audience into hiding; thank you to Mrs Everett and Miss Turner for overseeing costume design. And of course, Head of Drama and Director, Mr Waller, ensured that the production was flawless, coordinating the lighting, sound and backstage teams to support the children in making this an experience to remember. Special mention to our theatre manager, Peter Humphries and also Mr Dixon, ably supported in the tech seat by Form 6 pupils Sam F and Isaac T.