This week saw the much anticipated visit by Joanna Marshall, owner of local artisan chocolate company Kokoh, referred to by all CPS children as ‘The Chocolate Lady!’ Joanna’s chocolate creations have won fourteen Great Taste Awards as well as prestigious Silver and Gold Academy of Chocolate Awards – an expert chocolatier was in our midst!

Joanna has a passion for fairly traded, fine quality cocoa; which was apparent to all the children. They were enthralled to hear about the Fairtrade origins of Joanna’s cocoa; many of which they have learnt about in their current Humanities unit on the origins of and trade in chocolate.

The children were taught how to taste chocolate like a professional chocolatier: warming it first between their fingers to release the aromas, before sucking it slowly to taste the changing flavours. This resulted in an entire form in silence and extreme joy! They were given the opportunity to taste four of Joanna’s chocolate creations with varying cocoa percentages.

At the end of the session, Joanna presented each beaming child with a chocolate bunny and a warm invitation to visit her stall at the Guildford Artisan Market, held on the first Tuesday of every month.