Following a relaxing of our Covid restrictions we were able to hold House Challenge Competitions for the Upper School and Form 4 this year. Following a busy morning of Maths challenges, we assembled in the Wyatt Hall on Tuesday afternoon for the first couple of rounds of each competition.

In the Upper School competition, Diamonds triumphed over Spades by 220 points to 120 points to earn a well-deserved place in the Final. The Hearts vs Clubs competition was one of the closest ever – with Hearts pulling away by just five points in the final seconds of the competition.

Later that afternoon, the Middle School entered the Wyatt Hall to watch the Form 4 competition. Clubs were convincing winners over Diamonds and they were joined in the final by the Spades team who showed great teamwork in answering their bonus questions.

The Final of the competitions was held on the final day of term with Mr Brookes acting as quizmaster. It was great to see each House represented in a Final this year. In the Form 4 competition Clubs were crowned champions with a convincing win over Spades. The Upper School Competition was a ‘nail-biter’ with the final question determining the winning team. Diamonds were worthy winners beating Hearts by 155points to 145 points. A fantastic end to a great competition! Well done to all the contestants and our quizmasters.


Final Results:

Upper School: 1. Diamonds    2. Hearts      3. Clubs    4. Spades

Form 4:             1. Clubs     2.  Spades    3. Diamonds    4. Hearts