Last week, we were delighted to welcome Athina Mitropoulos-Monk to Cranleigh Prep to present to Form 2 and Form 6 pupils.

The Form 2 pupils loved learning about mythical monsters. She introduced a variety of mythical monsters and discussed what happened to them, their stories, and how they could be defeated. She also read aloud one of her stories to demonstrate how monsters can be adapted and played with to create something new.

Her presentation to Form 6 was about myths and why they are so appealing even today. She looked at the variety of ways in which myths can be told and retold so that they can stay interesting and unique over thousands of years. After reading one of her stories, she launched a competition to rewrite a Greek or Roman myth in a unique way.

Finally, she signed copies of her new book, Once Upon a Myth, and chatted with pupils about all things mythical!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favourite characters from fairy tales might stumble into the world of Greek mythology? What if Snow White faced Medusa, Hansel and Gretel took on the Minotaur, and the famous giant beanstalk led up to Olympus, home of the gods? Once Upon a Myth is a collection of five rhyming stories that bring Fairy Tales and Greek mythology together in a modern and unexpected way.