On the penultimate day of term, the Lower School enjoyed a French morning where they learnt about five of Madame Cooper’s favourite French regions.

Children discovered the beautiful region of Bretagne (Brittany)  where the first known crepes were made. They were able to practise some French vocabulary around the ingredients involved in making crepes and got to sample the famous French snack.  Also on offer, the Provence Region, where students discovered the history of the game Pétanque and “bien sûr” enjoyed a few rounds themselves. In Rhone Alpes, Lower School worked on their French clothes vocabulary as they designed ski outfits.

We couldn’t miss out on learning some interesting facts about the most romantic city in the world, Paris!  Finally, students used Easyjet and Booking.com to organise themselves flights, hotels and activities in Biarritz. Their hotel budgets were very varied.

It was a fun but informative way to end the term – even though unfortunately lots of us who might normally be going “en vacances en France” will not be going. Bonne vacances à tous! Madame Cooper.