It was ‘lights, camera, action’ when the Wyatt Hall became a film studio for the Form 3 Production of the musical ‘Dragon Days’.

In the alpine village of Stumbledorf (just a short trip away), the overdramatic villagers await a hero to rescue them from the mythical creature whose presence overshadows their idyllic mountain home.

The Form 3 children rose to the challenge of the new medium. They sang in beautiful harmony, danced with precision and energy and acted with huge enthusiasm to create a colourful and entertaining film.

Despite not having a live audience to feed off and respond to, the children showed a huge amount of self-discipline and maturity and rose to the challenge.

As ever with recordings such as this, it will only give the remote audience a glimpse of what the children have been working on and a feel of what they have achieved in all the performing arts disciplines.

Well done to the whole company for creating the first remote musical of the year and we hope you gather some enjoyment from the recording, which will be available online soon.