We are working on a lot of ‘one off’ Art lesson plans this term, which will enable any children who are absent isolating to still have a rich and varied Art curriculum.  So far this term, we have studied the work of Kandinsky and Matisse.

We briefly looked at what abstract art is and we also explored hot and cool colours before the children painted a watercolour painting based on ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’, perhaps Kandinsky’s most recognisable work. 

This week, we read a wonderful story to the children about Matisse and how he created his famous paper cut-outs.  We also studied the amazing stained glass windows that he created in the Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence in France. 

The children then used colourful tissue paper to create their own stained glass windows.  We are going to turn these beautiful stained glass ideas into some fabulous Christmas cards.