Our Science curriculum has always aimed to build curiosity and enthusiasm for explaining the world around us, along with developing understanding of new discoveries and inventions.

Our remote learning lessons have continued this hands-on science and pupils across the whole school have been hard at work, presenting their understanding in a range of ways, from film to posters from investigations to demonstrations. Please watch our showcase film to see what they have achieved.

Pupils in Form 1 have been learning about the life-cycle of a plant and looking closely at the different stages by dissecting flowers. They have also investigated wind and insect pollination and gained an understanding how and why seeds germinate.

Form 2 pupils have been investigating the biological classification system and looking at how the animal kingdom is split into invertebrates and vertebrates. From this they devised their own classification keys using a variety of household objects.

Form 3 pupils have been learning learning about habitats and the adaptations of animals within these. They conducted independent research into a wide variety of animals from chameleons to penguins and applied their learning by constructing their own new animal with adaptations to suit their chosen habitat.

Pupils in Form 4 started their virtual learning with all things ‘forces’ and undertook a series of investigations ranging from upthrust to air resistance. This was quickly followed by learning about the human skeleton and joint structure to explain how we move. They were interested to understand why ligaments are stretchy and tendons are not,  which linked closely with their forces topic.

Form 5 pupils have continued their learning on the solar system, looking closely at Earth’s seasons and moon phases. From this they recapped their learning of plant anatomy and the adaptations required in biology for efficiency in processes such as photosynthesis and water absorption.

Form 6 pupils have been busy revising for their upcoming CE exams but have undertaken some home investigations such as chromatography. However, 6B have been busily investigating the forces of the Big Air snowboard jump and designing a scrap yard crane with controllable electromagnet and move-able base or arm.

Overall it has been a very exciting half term of remote learning in the Science Department.