The Cranleigh Prep School 4th annual Spelling Bee proved as exciting as ever.

Throughout the week, all pupils in the school took part in their ‘In-class Spelling Bee’. 

Totals were added together and the winning Houses in each year group were as follows:

Form 1 – Diamonds

Form 2 – Diamonds

Form 3 – Clubs

Form 4 – Spades

Form 5 – Clubs

Form 6 – Clubs

Then, on Friday, the ‘Whole School Spelling Bee’ saw pupils from Forms 2-8 pitted against each other to spell a range of tricky words.  Earning points for their Houses, the children not only had to spell words aloud, but they did so in front of the whole school with the timer ticking! 

We then enjoyed watching a video of the Form 1 Spelling Bee.  What fantastic young spellers they are!


The final round, a team round, saw pupils of all year groups working together to try to spell ‘Difficult words that sound rather funny.’  The spellers had to work out how to spell words such as skedaddle (to move quickly), lollygag (to move slowly), flummox (to frustrate) and cantankerous (grouchy).

The final scores were, once again, extremely close.  Last year, Diamonds were the winners, but this year it was Clubs who were triumphant!