Candles and greenery set the scene in the packed Chapel as the audience waited eagerly for the Lower School Christmas Celebration to begin.

First came Christmas poems from Form 2; beautifully recited and acted, the sentiments (and Christmas jumpers!) really helped to get us in the Christmas mood.

After a cheerful rendition of ‘The Virgin Mary had a baby boy’, it was time for Form 1 to perform their Nativity: ‘The Inn-spectors’.

Assured performances were heard from all the pupils and their enjoyment of both singing and acting was obvious, with lots of solos and clear narration.

A special mention goes to Edmund, Abigail and Fenella for their amusing and confident portrayals of the Inn-spectors, to Martha in her role as the characterful innkeeper’s wife and to Thomas for his comedic value and strong singing as the ‘Donkey’.

As term draws to a close, I’m sure we could all ‘do with a hoof-spa right now…”!

Watch the highlights below: