Excited children from Form 2 enjoyed a visit from the ‘Greek Man’ on Saturday 5th October. The visit was aimed at consolidating learning in the year group’s Ancient Greece Humanities syllabus. It also helped to extend their understanding of democracy and the city states, the myths and legend and the children were also lucky enough to try on Ancient Greece inspired clothing and armour.

Much fun was had by all, and the children played a number of games which really immersed them in Greek culture and tradition. It was an engaging and informative workshop and the visit was hailed a great success by all – despite it being on a Saturday as part of the school’s Open Morning.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Form 2 class teacher Rebecca Seward said of the day’s entertainment: “The children get a lot from an immersive workshop and really benefit from extending their learning In this way. It is also a really good opportunity for the children to dress up – which is always a huge success!”