On Monday 17 June, Cranleigh Prep ran a cross-curricular day celebrating space.  The Great Space Day as its working title became, turned out to be a Super Space Day.  From 8am to almost 6pm, everywhere you went someone was involved in a space themed activity.

The Form 5s and 6s started with a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths) activity creating their own versions of the International Space Station.  Working together in small mixed year groups of six, they were tasked with designing and building a modern space station. 

Meanwhile the Form 3s were busy learning about rocketry and making their own Alka Seltzer powered film canisters, the Form 4s were looking at the evidence for and against landing on the moon 50 years ago and the Form 1s were training to be astronauts with team work, problem solving and a little bit of rocket science.

The fun didn’t stop there as the big ticket venue was the planetarium, an immersive theatre experience.  All 340 pupils were given a turn at watching a 360 degree Space themed video which taught them a variety of different aspects of space.  This was almost everyone’s highlight as it immersed them in an enriching capsule of learning. 

From here there were Mars rovers being built, Space music being sung, poems, postcards, planetary distances being learnt and computer coding across the Middle and Upper School.

If that wasn’t enough, we invited over 30 Year 1 students to attend our Cranleigh Prep Explorers’ Astronaut Training event at the end of the day.   After experiencing the planetarium and gaining the knowledge to be an astronaut, it was followed by some busy space ship teamwork and learning about rockets.


This was an action packed day which may well have inspired the next astronaut or astrophysicists.  Alternatively we may have our next science fiction writer or film composer, as is the joy of a cross curricular day.

Thank you to all of those involved.  It was a Great Space Day.  Please click on the link below to watch the highlights:

Tamsin Groocock