February, just before Long Leave, the House Music Competition took place in the Prep School Chapel. It was a wonderful celebration of music making and with over 100 performances from pupils in all year groups, the standard was very high indeed.

The four different categories ran throughout the school day.  Younger pupils were encouraged to stay and listen to the progression of the older pupils to inspire them for the future.  Parents and friends were also present to support the performers.

The von Sprekleson Award for the most promising performer was given to Cecilia B, who took part in four different categories, and is a talented young musician to watch in the future.

Congratulations to all of our performers and particularly the winners of each category:

Lower School Strings: Oliver R

Middle School Strings: Leah S

Upper School Strings: Charlie M

Guitars: Jamie T

Lower School Wind & Brass: Isla S

Middle School Brass: James W

Middle School Woodwind: Alex W

Upper School Brass: Oliver M

Upper School Woodwind: Emily R

Lower School Singing: Hannah May F

Form 3 Singing: Wren H-D

Form 4 Singing: Josie H

Form 5 Singing: Alice P

Form 6 Singing: Nicola O

Lower School Piano: Isla S

Middle School Piano: Leah S

Upper School Piano: Brandon G

Junior Percussion: Isaac T

Senior Percussion: Bertie H