Maths Puzzle Day happens every year at CPS, and it is a time to develop teamwork skills and general Maths ability. Throughout the day, students do multiple Maths-related activities run by either the teachers or other companies who come in.

For the first time ever at CPS, children (minimum of two per year group) were given the opportunity to become live vloggers (video-bloggers). Students would post their videos and photos onto the live blog, and wait for teacher approval.

This year the activities included an interactive talk on probability which taught students all the terminology of probability. The second activity was the Maths Relay, in which students competed in groups of four to complete all the question cards, in order to gain points.

Other activities included Circlemania (a pattern-designing activity using only circles to improve our use of compasses); brain-teasing 3D puzzles provided by an educational company; and a very intense, competitive card game called ‘Set’.

Overall, Maths Puzzle Day was a huge success and taught the students a lot of new skills. The students enjoyed the change of scenery from the Maths classroom, and also doing new activities. A huge amount of time, effort and planning is put into Maths Puzzle Day by the teachers and staff, and just looking at the results, it was well worth it.

By George Beevers & Ted Mills, Form 5