Cranleigh Prep boarders, along with the Upper School Theatre Club, were dazzled and delighted by the immersive experience of Cranleigh School’s dress rehearsal of the production, Narnia.  

From the moment we arrived at Cranleigh School and were told we would be “kitted up”, we knew we were going to experience something profoundly different.  Rather than sitting down in the same seats for the show, we moved from scene to scene, visiting different homes and meeting new characters – some were kind and friendly, some much less so. 

The pupils, accompanied by Mrs Schutte and Mr Waller, also enjoyed seeing familiar old faces.  In total, 26 ex-Cranleigh Prep pupils were involved, as cast and crew, in Narnia.  We were very proud of them.

On leaving Narnia, we all promised Lucy, one of the lead characters, that we would not tell a soul what we had experienced.   However, what we can say, is that it was a fantastic adaptation of a classic story, with acting and production which would not have looked out of place in the West End. 

All the Cranleigh Prep pupils were inspired by what they had seen and excited by the prospect that, one day, they too might be part of a senior school production.