Form 3 enjoyed an exciting morning of Tudor-themed activities on Saturday’s Open Day, as part of their Humanities study of the Tudor times.

The activities included mini productions of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, making regal crowns and life size collages of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, using original portraits as inspiration.

In addition, the pupils made their own Tudor Roses in order to understand how Henry Tudor had combined the York and Lancastrian houses. They were aided in doing so by a new digital learning pilot in the Humanities department to support learning.


Some Form 3 pupils have been introduced to the app BookCreator which they have used to make digital instructions books entitled: ‘How to make a Tudor Rose’. This rest of Form Three utilised these instructions on the Tudor Morning.

Form 3 have been lucky enough to also visit Horsham’s Capitol Theatre this term, to see a Horrible Histories production of ‘The Terrible Tudors’. When they were treated to songs, history, 3D illusions and gore!

Sophie Nataraj, co-ordinator of Humanities Forms 1 to 3, said “At Cranleigh Prep we aim to give pupils as many opportunities as possible to bring the study of Humanities alive both inside and outside the classroom”.