As part of their Humanities study of Ancient Greece, Form 2 welcomed Ashley Holt from the company ‘Sir Teachalot’.  Mr Holt regularly takes part in re-enactments and on this occasion recreated Ancient Greece in school!

All pupils arrived in Ancient Greek attire, as did the teachers, so everyone was able to immerse themselves fully in the experience. They firstly learnt all about what life would be like in the everyday and the pupils were all shocked to learn of the life of a slave in particular.

Throughout the morning every pupil had the opportunity to be involved in role play and some were very lucky to be rich and powerful Ancient Greeks for the whole morning.

Form 2 also tried their hand at ancient games such as ‘hoop’. The hoop was propelled by a wooden stick or iron rod (elater) and was supposed to stand chest high, with which children would run along the street.

The highlight was the battle re-enacting. Many pupils had the opportunity to handle shields and (blunt!) spears in mock charge on Mrs Siddell!

Sir Teachalot introduced Form 2 to a world of battles, slaves, fun and intrigue, whilst all in role. The pupils commented on how much they enjoyed the experience and how much they had learnt.

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