What better way to end a week at school than with a visit, at ‘Pick-Up,’ from one of our favourite children’s authors?  

M.G.Leonard has been a dear friend of Cranleigh Prep School for several years now, as she was our Patron of Reading 2017-2018, a shortlisted author from the Awesome Book Awards 2017 and the host of the Awesome Book Awards 2018.  She was responsible for the Beetle-mania which swept the Prep School last year, due to her fiction books: Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen and Battle of the Beetles.  

We were delighted when Maya agreed to pop back to CPS to see the children again and present her newly published, non-fiction, The Beetle Collector’s Handbook.  The pupils were thrilled to see her back and were keen to look at this hardback beauty, filled with beetle facts and wonderful illustrations.  

Maya is as busy as ever, having just returned from a Book Festival supporting the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and being about to travel to an important Book Fair in Germany.  As if her travelling and school visits aren’t enough, she is currently writing the screenplay of Beetle Boy and is also busily penning some exciting new books about adventures on trains. 

Kate Schutte, Head of English, says ‘We wish Maya huge success with her future ventures and hope to see her back at CPS again before too long’.