The inaugural Form 4 Drama Club production has set a precedent for anything to come; staff, parents and pupils were treated to wonderful performances of both ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carol and ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell.

The energized actors threw themselves head long into their roles, whether a mad hatter or a lowly goat. The enthusiasm and thirst for the spotlight shone brightly from all these aspiring actors.

The striking difference between the magical land of Alice and the more serious and poignant story of Animal Farm, kept the audience riveted. The colourful hats and the striking set used in Alice was contrasted by the effective minimalist costuming and environment of Animal Farm, ensuring they worked hard on facial expression to tell the story.

Mr Waller and Mrs Everett would like to congratulate all the children in the cast for putting so much time and effort into learning their lines and for making the plays a pleasure to direct. Thank you to Mr Dixon for his original music and help with sound and to Mr Johnson for running the technical side of the production. Well done to all!