On Monday night, the Wyatt Hall was full of History, as parents and pupils gathered in the Wyatt Hall for the latest ‘Inspiring Minds’ lecture series for all, set up by Toby Batchelor, Master of Scholars.

Professor Andrew Roberts, the distinguished former pupil of both the Prep School and the Senior School, treated an enthusiastic audience to a masterly summary of the Second World War.

Professor Roberts began by acknowledging the inspiring teaching of Christopher Perry, (who The Perry Quad was named after ) while he was at the Prep School and was delighted that Mr Perry had made the long journey from Shropshire to be present at the lecture.

With only the aid of a huge map of Europe, Prof. Roberts cleverly covered the period from the Munich Crisis in 1938 to the Japanese surrender in 1945, proving that History is essentially a fascinating story.

Many members of the audience are keenly awaiting the publication of Prof. Roberts’ biography of Churchill in October. Prof. Robert’s eminence as one of the most respected historians and researchers  in the country is reflected by the fact that Her Majesty the Queen allowed him access to the diaries of her father, George VI.

It was a privilege to hear him deliver the lecture and it is worth noting that during his 35 years at Cranleigh Prep School, Christopher Perry inspired not only Andrew Roberts but our own reigning King of Dates……. Mr Toby Batchelor.