This year we will be holding our first Colour Run to raise money for the Marsabit project on 20th March.

The event will start with a 3pm warm up which promises to be colourful! This is a fun 2km run for all, rather than a race. There will be no trophy or medals for those who come first. However, there will be four colour stations where powder paint will be blown over the children, so they look like a rainbow by the end!

The Marsabit project aims to support conservation and education initiatives for communities living around the Marsabit Forest. Its objectives are to provide the children with school uniforms, classrooms and teachers, whilst also preserving the environment and nature.

Marsabit is a country in the far north of Kenya, with a unique landscape mixing desert and forest clustering extinct volcanic carters.

It is also home to a wide diversity of wildlife including rhino, lions, kudu and Grevy’s zebra. However, today it is estimated that there are only 100 elephants remaining on the mountains.

This project works very closely with Tusk in an attempt to dramatically reduce the illegal killing of elephants in this area.

All proceeds from the Colour Run will go towards this very worthwhile project. Your child can walk, run or a do a combination of both but the event is not compulsory. 

See the video below for more information about the charity and on the event.

If you’d like your child to take part, please print the consent form and return it with a cheque for £10 per child payable to Cranleigh School by this Tuesday, 27th February.  There’s also a list of frequently asked questions for your information.