Success for Art & Design scholars

Cranleigh Prep is very proud to be able to announce the successful scholars from the world of Art and Design Technology. 

Charlotte R (scholarship) concentrated on an illustrative style; the work being strong on design and precise in its execution. Her images used a circle almost as a window to view the world through.

Daisy L’s work (scholarship), based on Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ woodcut, was fresh and innovative; using elements of the sea to produce work in a wide selection of media.

Max S’s Design award (scholarship) was concentrated on his practical knowledge of systems and mechanisms and was directed mainly towards design in the motor industry.

Georgia A (exhibition) drew on her experiences from a trip to Kenya last year and showed a real appreciation for 3D form as well as exceptional drawing skills.

It was all about elephants of all sizes for Jemima B (exhibition). From her enormous and striking papier mache relief of an elephant’s head, to a ceramic teapot reflecting an influence of Clarisse Cliff, there was much to be admired.

Rob Perry, Director of Art, says”Many congratulation to you all.  You each produced a fantastically high portfolio of work and I am delighted that your admirable efforts have been rewarded”.