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  • 8 February 2018

Form 3s through to the final of the Global Canvas Children’s Art Competition

CPS Art teacher, Pippa Charlesworth, entered Form 3s work into the annual DSWF Global Canvas Art Competition, which is a part of…

CPS Art teacher, Pippa Charlesworth, entered Form 3s work into the annual DSWF Global Canvas Art Competition, which is a part of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Art for survival programme.  It was established in 2004 to encourage young people to express their concern for the environment through art.  This year children were asked to send in imaginative group entries using creative media, including art and sculpture, to creating a mini-exhibition reflecting the theme ‘Into the Wild’.

Our mini exhibition showcases the creativity and thinking of Form 3 in response to investigating endangered species, focusing on the Grevy’s zebra. It shows the initial research and thoughts concerning the Grevy’s zebra alongside a variety of different creations using a variety of media to investigate the zebra; drawing, painting, clay, modroc and lino printing.

They have focused on the idea of helping and protecting the Grevy’s zebra and have used their hands to symbolize this – the helping hand. They have worked collaboratively and have enjoyed finding out about endangered animals and what can be done to protect them. They were shocked by the rapid fall in population of the Grevy’s zebra.

Andy Warhol created a series of screenprints that portrayed endangered animals from around the world, one being the Grevy’s zebra. The children produced their own lino prints of zebras using their hands. The prints are displayed alongside the tracings and lino. Hands were also used to produce 3D models using modroc and a black and white landscape.

Their work was then entered as a fabulous display to the Global Canvas Children’s Art Competition.  We were delighted to hear that Form 3s exhibition has made it through to the final, which is being held at the Natural History Museum in London on Thursday March 15th 2018.   

This is an exceptional achievement; Jo Elphick, Education Manager of The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, says “we received a record number of entries to the collaborative competition, involving over 4500 children from 15 countries! The standard of the work and the effort that has gone into creating it has been fantastic to see!”

Please do watch the video below, showing Form 3s journey through this project.


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