On Saturday, Mrs Schutte, Miss Hopkinson and a minibus full of brave adventurers, drove down to the African plains of Chichester to watch the new musical version of ‘The Jungle Book’.

This theatrical production was exciting, funny, heart-warming and genuine.  The story is about a boy, adopted by an odd jungle couple – Bagheera the panther and Balloo the bear – who yearns to find out who he truly is.  Part boy, part wolf cub, Mowgli seeks to lead the pack, but is required to go back to his roots if he is to defeat the menacing Shere Khan.    

From the moment the play started, our pupils were enthralled by the excellent puppetry, the catchy songs and the drama of the jungle.  It was an excellent production which reminded us all to joyfully be individuals, rather than follow the crowd.