Today saw the culmination of this year’s House Challenge Competition that has become a firm tradition in the last week of term. 

This year also saw Mr Hall initiated into the role of Quiz Master, delivering the varied and difficult questions that Mr Britt and Mrs Johnston had set to try to outwit the contestants.

The competition has been played over each day in this last week of term.

The first rounds saw Hearts defeat Spades 170-135 to claim their place in the Final.

On Tuesday Diamonds took an early lead over Clubs and managed to cling on to this throughout the round to win by 25 points and also proceed to the Final.

Wednesday saw a very closely contested Third and Fourth place playoff between Spades and Clubs, with Spades just retaining their lead despite a last minute surge in correctly answered starter questions from Clubs.

On the Final day of term we saw Hearts and Diamonds line up against each other in a packed Wyatt Hall.

Hearts took an early and commanding 130-20 point lead before the scoreboard was switched off.

Diamonds then sprang into action and started to answer more questions and with excitement reaching fever-pitch, Mr Britt revealed the final scores as Diamonds 305 to Hearts 255.

Well done to all the contestants and supporters of this very exciting general knowledge competition, looking wonderfully festive in their Christmas jumpers, and congratulations to this year’s champions, Diamonds.