Form 2 had a real “cultural” treat on Monday with a” djembe”   session  (African drum) from two super talented Senegalese drummers, Papi and Victoria – all part of the new cultural element taught in Form 1 and 2 to learn about the wider element of  French culture.  

The children learnt about the history of the djembe drums and its roots from Mali and Mandingue and their  tribe of origins.

With each student given their own djembe drum, Papi taught us authentic Senegalese fishing with the specific beats as well as dance moves and traditional songs. He gave instructions, chanted and counted in French.  His eager pupils adapted and performed admirably!

The feedback from our Form 2 pupils was very positive, apart from their hands hurting due to excessive djembe slapping!

It was a very exciting and energetic event enjoyed by all.