On Tuesday we held our internal finals for the Roar2017 challenge, an initiative introduced to the School’s PHSE curriculum by Emma Lewis, Deputy Head Pastoral, which involves all pupils in the Lower and Middle School coming up with a creative invention that could change the world.  The winners and runners up were then announced in Assembly today.

Last week all pupils in Forms 1-4 presented their innovative group idea of a product that would make the world a happier place. Their ideas could have been environmental, supportive of those with specific learning needs or even something to help busy mums.  Ideas included mood changing mattresses, Ozone layer plasters, a filtration system that could use water from lakes to fill baths and even mind reading earphones. The originality of their ideas was incredible. 

Seventeen group finalists were selected and yesterday they presented their ideas to Tony who is a member of Lions Of Cranleigh. Emma Lewis says ‘Needless to say he was incredibly impressed by the quality of the ideas and the confidence that the pupils demonstrated during their presentations.’

Well done to the Pokemon Dudes ( Lucinda, Alfie, Cara), Chocolate Triplets (Leah, Amelia and Ella), Planet Savers H20 Little Robot (Ruby, Emily, Lily and Seb) and Elastic 100 (Rosanna, Matilda, Leah and Evie) who were named runners up. 

Many congratulations to Maddie B and Grace J, team M G Awesome, who gave a fantastic rap presentation on an Erasable Printer and are the winners of our Roar17 challenge.   They will take part in a final against 30 other schools in London and the South East on Thursday 7th December at Wakehurst in West Sussex.  We wish them luck and look forward to hearing how they get on!