Many congratulations to our budding musicians for a very impressive set of Music exam results from last term.  It was particularly impressive to note that 10 pupils achieved Distinction, and 16 passed with Merit.



First Name Surname Instrument Grade Category
Lily H Piano 6 Distinction
Hannah S Theory 5 Pass
Anna H Piano 4 Distinction
Maisie R Voice 4 Distinction
Tory L Voice 4 Merit
Oliver W Alto Sax 4 Merit
Finnbar N Trombone 4 Merit
Leah S Piano 3 Distinction
Alexander W Descant Recorder 3 Distinction
Jocelyne H Voice 3 Merit
Matilda B Voice 3 Merit
Emily R Flute 3 Merit
Beatrice R Flute 3 Merit
Tatum v D Descant Recorder 3 Merit
Cordelia I Voice 3 Pass
Moog C Alto Sax Jazz 2 Distinction
Edward T Piano 2 Distinction
Nicola O Voice 2 Distinction
Benjamin B Piano 2 Distinction
Jamie F Piano 2 Distinction
Max W Clarinet 2 Merit
Rafe F Double Bass 2 Merit
Georgia A Harp 2 Merit
Anna C Voice 2 Merit
Ella C Trombone 2 Merit
Sebastian S Harp 2 Merit
Arabella W Voice 2 Pass
Isabella D Harp 2 Pass
Cecilia B Voice 1 Distinction
Henry P Piano 1 Distinction
Maia C Cello 1 Merit
Juliette H Trombone 1 Merit
Alexandra R Piano 1 Pass
Effie S Alto sax 1 Pass
Archie D Piano PT Prep