Hawking About’s Birds of Prey Workshop was set up for Form 3 as part of the introduction to a bird-based Art project they will be doing.  It enabled the children to get up close and personal with some amazing visitors on Monday 11th September.

The event began with a short talk from Kevin Lochner, head Falconer at Hawking About.  He told us about the birds he had brought with him, including what they eat.  

Pupils were then treated to a display of aerial acrobatics by ‘Sky’, the Harris Hawk. She showed off her skills and all of the children were delighted to be able to hold her as she landed on their gloved, outstretched hands.

Later they were introduced to Busby, the very talkative barn owl, and a beautiful kestrel called Midge.

The children were clearly impressed when the final star, ‘Nova’, an enormous eagle owl, appeared.  After plenty of interaction with Nova, the show concluded with this huge bird flying through a tunnel that the children made with their hands, a truly amazing experience as her wing tips brushed all as she flew through.

Form 3 pupils will be making a 3D model of a bird of their choice in their art lessons this term.  This will include a wire framework, with feathers made from dipping kitchen roll in wallpaper paste.