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  • 29 June 2017

Form 5 Production: ‘One Day More’

June, gangsters, school children, Roman emperors, fairy tale princesses and even some witches took to the stage for ‘One Day More’, the…

June, gangsters, school children, Roman emperors, fairy tale princesses and even some witches took to the stage for ‘One Day More’, the annual Form 5 drama production at Cranleigh Preparatory School.  

Having perfected their sketches during their weekly drama lessons, the evening opened with ‘Julius Caesar’, set in the contemporary world of ambitious politicians. Freddie W and Eve V-O expertly directed proceedings and Josh T, Jake A-J and Oliver A gave powerful portrayals of Caesar, Mark Anthony and Brutus, the warring protagonists.

In stark contrast, ‘Cinderella’ followed, a delightful adaptation by the Drama Club. The fairy tale was brought to life with grace and humour and was accompanied by some wonderful singing from Tory L. Indeed, musical items were a highlight of the evening, with Lily H and Maisie R providing the perfect bridge to Willy Russell’s ‘Our Day Out’ with a touching rendition of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Misérables.

‘Our Day Out’ showcased 5 Plus and they were on top form in this humorous extract which set the scene for a school outing in 80s England. Jemima B and Scott W were super as the ‘good cop, bad cop’ teachers and the actors captured perfectly the stereotypes you might encounter in any class.

Next to perform were 5.2b who brought Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ to life. This was a production which oozed enthusiasm and fun, and was introduced by Tory L. The three Grand High Witches, Lily H, Olivia M and Bea R entertained the audience with their wonderfully eccentric acting and Eastern European accents. They were ably supported by their coven of witches and Ollie S and Iris W were disgracefully behaved as the chocolate loving Bruno and his mum. 

Another shift in time saw us in prohibition America, and in the world of ‘Bugsy Malone’.  Sonny G introduced this mad-cap gangster show-down and a very unlikely but feisty Fat Sam, Cordelia I despaired at her knuckleheaded crew. Gun fights, water fights, cream pie fights ensued and the evening was capped by a quite beautiful performance from Maisie R, singing Blousey Brown’s ‘I’m Feeling Fine’.

Such a production would not be possible without the hard work and direction of Phil Waller and Lita Everett. They would also like to thank Nick Johnston, Ben Dixon, Rob Perry, Lisa Waller and Lucy Begg for all their help with set design, light, sound and stage management. The evening was also supported by the hard working Form 6 creative arts team who ensured props and staging was in place for each play. Thank you to everyone who made this evening such a success.

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