Congratulations to our 10 Academic scholars

Many congratulations to our 10 pupils who have gained an Academic Scholarship or Exhibition to their senior school.

Competition is always fierce but the academic journey that ALL the 6Ho pupils undertook was attacked with hard work, determination and an outstanding level of maturity.

Hannah Pakenham-Walsh, Director of Studies, says “All their results were testament to their diligence and the skills, facts and processes that they have gained from the experience will stand them in excellent shape for their futures.”

The photo shows the academic scholars under the water clock at NEMO Science Museum on the annual trip to Amsterdam.  The awards are listed below:

Isabella B – Cranleigh School – Exhibition

Naalini B – Cranleigh School – Scholarship

Mathilda B – Cranleigh School – Exhibition

Moog C – Cranleigh School – J H Sapte Academic Scholarship (top award)

Max C – Cranleigh School – Scholarship

Matthew D – Cranleigh School – Scholarship

Siena K – Cranleigh School – Exhibition

Boau-Lilly S – Cranleigh School – Exhibition

Edward T – Brighton College – Scholarship

Joe W – Cranleigh School – Scholarship