Early on Sunday morning, CPS host pupils, 11 Peponi Prep pupils and staff from both schools set off to explore the sights of London.

We started off with a fabulous bus tour, leaving from Russell Square and finishing at Trafalgar Square. Excited children all headed for the open top of the bus, to get a full view of London’s tourist attractions. However, as the weather was crispy cold, most of us opted to get down on the lower part of the bus for some toasty warmth as soon as possible!

Next stop was the British Museum, with special focus on the Rosetta stone, followed by a tour. We then chose ‘take away’ lunches from Prêt à Manger which we enjoyed whilst on a River Cruise down the Thames. During the boat tour, the commentator kept us all well entertained with a wealth of fascinating facts about the history behind London’s architecture. Without a doubt, the highlight of the trip had to be the visit to the Tower of London. The Crown Jewels, the ‘working treasures’, are best appreciated in context.


The entire excursion was a fantastic experience, giving us a precious glimpse into Britain’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Comments ranging from ‘seeing the Crown Jewels was just unforgettable’ and ‘freezing cold being on the top level of the city bus’ to ‘an educational trip’ and ‘it was exciting learning about the different buildings’ sum up our wonderful trip to London.

I would particularly like to thank and express our enormous appreciation to Claire Sanders and Nick French for leading the trip, Jade and Harry for all their time, Ezekiel Oganga (teacher at Peponi Prep) and all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to put everything in place, making the trip such a huge success.

Asante sana to you all.

Doris Kwambo


Peponi Prep School, Nairobi