Sunday’s beautiful Autumn dawn morning was a specular start to a very frenetic GB School Biathlon meet of over 600 competitors at K2 in Crawley.

CPS took a team of 23 children, the future of possibly the next generation of budding GB athletes to this competition. The team met under a whirl of excitement and nerves for a challenging day of sport ahead against so many top British national champions.

The K2 meet is part of  a number of preliminary regional competitions held during the official qualifying window which is between 1st October and 1st December 2016.

To enter, competitors need to submit run and swim times and are seeded alphabetically. If the children qualify for either of the British Championships, the heats are seeded in accordance with their times achieved at the preliminary competition.

If the CPS  children qualify once all the preliminary competitions have completed, the organisers will put these results onto the rankings, both for the British Modern Biathlon Championships in November and the British Schools’ Modern Biathlon Championships in March 2017 at Crystal Palace.

CPS Team results in the SE Preliminary Round.

Boys U10.

Jamie T – Gold medal in both disciplines and came overall 1st out of 40 competitors.

Thomas H – overall 8th

Ted S – overall 12th

Frazer A – overall 16th

Archie H – overall 17th

Zach C – overall 18th

U10 boys came 1st (Gold) and a second team 4th.

Girls U10

Arabella W – overall 37th out of 56

Alex R – overall 25th out of 56

Girls U10 Team cam 8th/22 teams.

Boys U11

Monty N – overall 3rd with a Bronze medal out of 44

Liam R –  overall 9th

James M – overall 31st

The U11 Boys team came 4th out of 9 entries.

Girls U11’s

Isla A – overall 8th out of 94, with a new personal best time.

Sophie S – overall 24th

Georgia A – overall 40th

Fenella W – 87th overall

Boys U12’s

Sam S – overall 3rd (Bronze) out of 40 competitors.

Jonah C – overall 6th

Josh T – overall 20th

Felix C overall 24th

Henry W – tbc

U12 Boys Team came 3rd (Bronze Medal)/6 teams.

Girls U12’s

Sasha P- overall 16th out of 63 competitors

Tabitha S – overall 18th

Megan T – overall 55th